During a tenancy

During a tenancy

During a tenancy, ongoing maintenance and management. In this section you will find advice on ongoing compliance with regards to fire, health and safety and gas regulations as well as many draft letters which may be needed during the tenancy. Advice on rent collection, repairs, damage and social nuisance.

Some of this information will be in article form from our resident expert Guru Les on site and is free to access other documents are available for members to download.

Essential documents

All available in the members area

  • Landlords request for UC to be paid direct
  • managed payments
  • Landlords repair obligations
  • Small-claim-court-action-pending
  • Standing-order-cancellation
  • Rent-arrears-less-friendly
  • Tenants-welcome-letter
  • Standing-order-or-direct debit-bounces
  • Unpaid-standing-order-or-direct-debit
  • Legal-action-pending
  • Rent-arrears-friendly
  • Periodic-inspection
  • Winter-letter
  • Poor-standard-of-property
  • Gas-safety-check
  • Housing-benefit-direct-payment-letter
  • Tenants-notice-of-leaving
  • Repair report
  • Character reference
  • Ten point guide to fire safety for landlords
  • Rent to landlords
  • Dealing with rent arrears
  • Benefit tenants in rent arrears
  • Management discretionary housing benefit
  • Main ongoing housing benefit payment
  • health and safety
  • Fire precautions for tenants
  • Guide to rent arrears
  • Eligibility for housing benefit
  • Heath and safety inspection by council
  • Unlawful eviction
  • Noise compliance notes
  • Noise compliance notes 2
  • A tenants guide to fire safety
  • Carrying out works to the property – notes
  • Tenancy nearing its end advice
  • Tenancy nearing its end advice 2
  • Unauthorised occupiers
  • How to increase rents
  • Periodic inspection – notes
  • Periodic inspection – notes 2
  • Untidy garden
  • Trespassers
  • Trespassers 2
  • Tenants repairing obligations
  • Letter third rent arrears
  • Letter to housing benefits department direct payment
  • Letter re -carrying out works to the property
  • Letter on noise compliance
  • Letter re-guarantors rent arrears second
  • Letter re-guarantors rent arrears second
  • Letter re-guarantors rent arrears second
  • Letter unauthorised occupier
  • Letter poor standard of peoperty
  • Letter re re-cancelation of standing order
  • Letter re -damage to property
  • Letter regular rent arrears
  • Letter the tenant has changed the locks
  • Letter rent arrears guarantor first letter
  • Letter re untidy garden
  • Letter re untidy garden
  • Letter to tenant antisocial behavior
  • Letter re emergency access
  • Letter landlord change of address
  • Letter re -periodic inspection
  • Letter re first arrears
  • Letter re access gas safety
  • Letter re not renewing tenancy

Guru Les – During a tenancy

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